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Contemporary Painters

The Art of Painting


Artistic painting is the art of graphic representation which consists in applying pigments mixed with other organic or synthetic binders on a mostly two-dimensional support, such as canvas , paper , wood , ceramic, a piece of fabric, glass, a wall or a metal plate using brushes or other tools.


Painting techniques , knowledge of color theory and pictorial composition and drawing are used in this art .



The Painter as Artist - who is he?


A painter is an artist who engages in painting , which is the act of creating works of art using colors, pigments and other techniques on a surface such as canvas, paper, wood or mural. Painters can work in a wide range of artistic mediums, including acrylic, oil, watercolor, gouache, and pastels.


Using brushes, palette knives, rollers, or other tools, painters create images and compositions that can represent objects, people, landscapes, abstractions, or concepts. Their goal is to express emotions, concepts, ideas or beauty through their visual art. Painters can work in various styles, such as realism, abstractionism, impressionism, surrealism and many others. Painting is an art form that has a long history and continues to evolve as contemporary painters explore new techniques and concepts .


A Painter is also considered to be an Artist who deals with artistic creations expressed in the painting of pictures and drawings . When the artist begins his work, he creates a concept of what he intends to paint.


The painting should be the artist's statement, it contains his thoughts , emotions , knowledge, experience and attitude towards the world.


Before creating a painting, the painter may prepare preliminary sketches , may use photographic techniques , and may sometimes make use of a computer . (e.g. using the cropping technique, using photo fragments).

What does a Painter do?


A painter is an artist who dedicates himself to creating visual works of art using colors, pigments and specific techniques.


The work of a painter can include several activities, including:


  • Creating works of art: The painter paints on surfaces such as canvas, paper or mural, using brushes, palette knives or other tools to apply colors and create artistic images and compositions.


  • Selection of materials: The painter carefully chooses the colours, pigments and artistic media best suited to his style and the desired result.


  • Experimenting with techniques: A painter can explore different painting techniques such as pointillism , impasto , wash , glazing and many others, in order to achieve unique and expressive visual effects.


  • Study and Research: Painters can spend time researching and studying other artists, artistic styles, movements and trends in the art world to inspire and enrich their own practice.


  • Exhibition and presentation of works: Painters can participate in art exhibitions , galleries or art events to present and share their works with the public.


  • Promotion and sale of works: Some painters may be involved in promoting and marketing their own artwork, working with galleries, agents, or selling directly to collectors or art enthusiasts.


A painter's activity can be very personal and creative , ranging from individual projects to collaborations with other artists or specific commissions.


Each painter has their own unique style and artistic vision that is reflected in the works they create.


What are the main painting techniques?


There are various techniques used in painting, each of which offers unique effects and possibilities for artistic expression .


Here are some commonly used painting techniques:


  • Oil Painting: This technique involves the use of pigments mixed with oil , typically linseed oil. Oil paints offer rich color , texture and blendability. They dry slowly, allowing for greater flexibility and layering.


  • Acrylic paint: Acrylic paints are water-based and consist of pigments suspended in an acrylic polymer emulsion . They dry quickly, have a smooth finish and can be used on various surfaces. Acrylics offer versatility, allowing for both thin washes and thick impasto techniques.


  • Watercolor Painting: Watercolors use pigments mixed with water , creating transparent or translucent layers of paint. They are typically applied to paper or other absorbent surfaces . Watercolors are known for their fluidity and ability to create delicate washes and subtle shades.


  • Pastel painting: Pastels are made of pigments held together by a binder , usually in the form of sticks. They offer rich, vibrant colors and a soft , chalk-like texture. Pastels can be mixed and layered to create a range of effects.


  • Gouache Painting: Gouache is similar to watercolor but has a higher concentration of pigments and contains white pigment, giving it a duller, more opaque appearance. It can be applied to various surfaces, including paper and illustrative cardboard.


  • Encaustic painting: encaustic painting involves the use of pigments mixed with hot beeswax as a binder . The paint is applied in the molten state and then melted with heat . Encaustic paintings have a unique texture and brightness.


  • Mixed media: This technique involves the combination of different materials and mediums , such as acrylics, collage elements, ink, pastels or found objects. It allows for experimentation and the creation of different textures and effects.


These are just a few examples of painting techniques , and artists often explore and combine them to achieve desired artistic results.

The Portal of Contemporary Artists

in all artistic disciplines

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"The Evolution of Contemporary Art: Creative Trends Redefining Art"

04/06/2023 19:29

A break with tradition in contemporary art that has redefined the art scene

Biennial of contemporary art “Premio Marche 2023”
ARSPEDIA, ArsPedia Cultural Network, art, contemporary art, pittori, pittori contemporanei, pittura moderna, stili di pittuta, carlo iacomucci,

Biennial of contemporary art “Premio Marche 2023”

29/02/2024 12:04

Biennial of contemporary art “Premio Marche 2023”: among the artists also the maestro Carlo Iacomucci

Pittori Contemporanei: Esplorando l'Arte del Presente
ARSPEDIA, ArsPedia Cultural Network, contemporary art, pittori, pittori contemporanei, pittura moderna, stili di pittuta,

Pittori Contemporanei: Esplorando l'Arte del Presente

24/09/2023 04:48

L'arte contemporanea - Esplora l'arte contemporanea dei pittori moderni: stili unici, temi attuali e il futuro dell'arte.

Maria Grazia Focanti
PAINTING, F, Painters - F, ITALY, ARTISTI IN ARSPEDIA, PAINTERS, Marche, Ancona, Monsano, Pittori Italiani-F, Painter, Painter, ITALY, Italian painter, Ancona, Marche, Marchigiano, Monsano , Pittore Marchigiano, Pittrice Marchigiana, Pittrice Italiana, Maria Grazia Focanti, Marchigiana,

Maria Grazia Focanti

Maria Grazia Focanti

13/09/2023 23:30

Italian painter, Marche painter, Monsano, Marche, Ancona, Italy, Italian

Carlo Iacomucci
PAINTING, POETRY, SCULPTURE, I, Painter, Poet, Sculptor, Painters- I, Poets - I, Sculptors - I, ITALY, ARTISTI IN ARSPEDIA, PAINTERS, POETS, SCULPTORS, Marche, Ancona, Monsano, Pittori Italiani-I, Painter, Poet, ITALY, Italian poet, Italian painter, Incisore, Ancona, Marche, Marchigiano, Monsano , Incisore Marchigiano, Pittore Marchigiano, Poeta Marchigiano,

Carlo Iacomucci

Carlo Iacomucci

09/09/2023 03:30

Italian painter, Italian engraver, Italian poet, Marche painter, Marche engraver, Marche poet, Marche, Ancona, Monsano

Nora Schepis
POETRY, LITERATURE, N, S, Poet, Poetess, Writer, Scrittrice, Poets - N, Poets - S, Writers - N, Writers - S, ITALY, ARTISTI IN ARSPEDIA, Sicily, Agrigento, POETS, WRITERS, Poet, poetess, Writer, Writer, ITALY, Italian poet, Italian writer, Sicily, Agrigento, Sicilian writer, Agrigento writer, Agrigento poetess, Italian poetess,

Nora Schepis

Nora Schepis

13/01/2022 00:52

Writer-Poet-Italy-Sicily-Agrigento-Sicilian Writer-Sicilian Poet-Sicilian-Agrigentan-Italian Poet-Agrigentan

PAINTING, LITERATURE, COMIC, DIGITAL ART, F, M, Painter, Pittrice, Comic artist, Painters - F, Painters - M, Comic artists - F, Comic artists - M, ITALY, Digital Artists - F, Digital Artists - M, Readers, Readers - F, Readers - M, ARTISTI IN ARSPEDIA, Lazio, Rome, PAINTERS, WRITERS, COMIC ARTISTS, DIGITAL ARTISTS, Pittori Italiani-M, Painter, Painter, Reader, Cartoonist and/or Illustrator, Digital Artist, ITALY, Italian, Italian, Lazio, Lazio, Rome, Roman painter, Lazio painter,



23/04/2021 04:23

Painter-Reader-Comic artist-Digital artist-Roman-Lazio-Rome-Roman painter-Roman comic artist-Digital artist-Painter-Lazio-Italian-Italy.

Luciano Postogna
POETRY, LITERATURE, P, Poet, Poets - P, ITALY, Readers, Readers - P, ARTISTI IN ARSPEDIA, Friuli - Venezia Giulia, Trieste, POETS, READERS, Poet, Reader, ITALY, Italian, Italian poet, Friulian poet, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Trieste poet, Reader from Trieste, Trieste,

Luciano Postogna

Luciano Postogna

14/02/2021 22:36

Poet-Reader-Italian- Italian poet-Triestine poet-Friuli Venezia Giulia-Trieste-Triestine reader-Italian reader - Friulian-Julian-Italy.

Giuseppe Mastria
PAINTING, POETRY, SCULPTURE, M, Painter, Poet, Sculptor, Painters - M, Poets - M, Sculptors - M, ITALY, ARTISTI IN ARSPEDIA, Calabria, Catanzaro, PAINTERS, POETS, SCULPTORS, Pittori Italiani-M, Painter, Poet, Sculptor, ITALY, Italian, Italian poet, Calabrian, Italian painter, Italian sculptor, Catanzaro, Catanzaro,

Giuseppe Mastria

Giuseppe Mastria

08/02/2021 01:31

Painter-Poet-Sculptor -Italian painter-Calabrian poet-Catanzaro sculptor-Catanzaro-Catanzaro poet - Catanzaro sculptor-Catanzaro painter-Italy.

Ombretta Del Monte
PAINTING, POETRY, LITERATURE, D, Painter, Pittrice, Poet, Poetess, Writer, Scrittrice, Painters - D, Poets - D, Writers - D, ITALY, ARTISTI IN ARSPEDIA, Lazio, Rome, Civitavecchia, PAINTERS, POETS, WRITERS, Pittori Italiani-D, Painter, Painter, Poet, poetess, Writer, Writer, ITALY, Italian, Italian, Italian poet, Italian writer, Lazio, Lazio, Civitavecchia, Civitavecchia poet, Civitavecchia painter, Civitavecchia poetess, Rome, Lazio writer, Civitavecchia writer,

Ombretta Del Monte

Ombretta Del Monte

06/02/2021 04:13

Painter-Poetess –Writer-Civitavecchia painter-Writer-Lazio painter-Poet –Rome-Civitavecchia-Lazio painter-Italian-Italy

Mario Bova
PAINTING, COMIC, B, Painter, Comic artist, Painters - B, Comic artists - B, ITALY, ARTISTI IN ARSPEDIA, Lazio, Rome, Vicovaro, PAINTERS, COMIC ARTISTS, Pittori Italiani-B, Painter, Cartoonist and/or Designer, ITALY, Italian, Lazio, Lazio, Vicovaro, Vicovarese,

Mario Bova

Mario Bova

03/02/2021 14:18

Italian painter, Italian illustrator, Lazio painter, Lazio illustrator, Vicovaro painter, Vicovaro illustrator, Vicovaro, Rome, Lazio, Italy.

Gabriele D'annunzio
POETRY, LITERATURE, D, Poets - D, Writers - D, ITALY, Abruzzo, Pescara, ARTISTI IN ARSPEDIA, Poet, Writer, ITALY, Italian, Abruzzo, Pescara, Italian poet, Italian writer, Abruzzese poet, Abruzzo writer, Pescara poet, Pescara writer,

Gabriele D'annunzio

Gabriele D'annunzio

11/10/2020 23:48

Italian writer, Abruzzese writer, Pescara writer, Italian poet, Abruzzese poet, Pescara poet, Abruzzo, Pescara, Italy

Come le reti digitali stanno trasformando arte e architettura

Come le reti digitali stanno trasformando arte e architettura

29/08/2020 01:43

L'arte come la conosciamo sta cambiando drasticamente, ma le risposte popolari e critiche sono in ritardo. In questo saggio illustrato tagliente, Davi