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Contemporary Digital Artists


The digital artist is someone who creates art using digital elements. Also known as a digital artist, this individual requires computer literacy, practical skills, and a lot of creativity.


In digital art, therefore, the figure of the artist who works with binary code emerges, replacing what was once painted with a brush.

Who are Digital Artists?


Digital artists are creators who use digital tools and technologies to produce works of art.


These artists harness computers, software, digital devices, and other technologies to express their creativity and create works that can range from digital graphics to interactive art, virtual reality to generative art, and much more.


Digital artists may come from various artistic backgrounds such as illustration, painting, photography, sculpture, or design, but they focus on utilizing digital technologies as their primary expressive medium. They can employ a variety of creative tools and software, including digital graphics software, 3D modeling programs, animation tools, virtual reality, augmented reality, and more.


Digital art offers artists a wide range of creative possibilities, enabling them to experiment with new forms, materials, and interactions. Digital artists can create two-dimensional or three-dimensional works, animated pieces, interactive artworks, digital installations, and much more, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression through the possibilities offered by technology.


Digital artists can operate in various contexts, including art galleries, museums, exhibition spaces, online platforms, and virtual environments. Their art can be shared and distributed through digital platforms, social media, websites, or dedicated online communities.


It is important to note that digital artists can also use digital technologies as complementary tools in their creative process, integrating digital elements into their traditional works or utilizing technology to support the production, promotion, and dissemination of their artworks.


Digital artists contribute to defining and challenging the boundaries of contemporary art, exploring new forms of expression, interaction, and storytelling that reflect the impact of digital technology on society and culture.

What is Digital Art?


Digital art is a form of art that utilizes digital technology for the creation and presentation of artistic works. Unlike traditional art forms, digital art uses computers, software, and digital devices during the creative process.


Digital artists make use of digital graphics software, 3D modeling programs, animation tools, virtual reality, and other technologies to create visual, auditory, and interactive artworks. These works can take various forms, such as digital images, animations, videos, interactive installations, and generative art.


Digital technology offers artists multiple creative opportunities, allowing them to experiment with new materials, forms, colors, and interactions. Digital artworks can be created entirely on the computer or combine digital elements with traditional techniques like painting, photography, or sculpture.


Digital art has also expanded the modes of experiencing and sharing artworks. Digital works can be shared online through digital platforms, social media, websites, or specific online communities, reaching a wide audience and allowing direct interaction with the artwork itself.


Digital art is a constantly evolving field, fueled by technological advancements and the creativity of artists who harness the expressive possibilities offered by digitization. It explores new artistic frontiers, challenges the boundaries of traditional forms, and reflects the impact of technology on contemporary society.


The infinite possibilities of generating and modifying images and sounds, the dynamics of software, the undisputed dominance of the internet, and the significant media coverage have quickly established digital art as a contemporary art form that cannot be ignored.

What are the main types of Digital Art?


Digital art is a continuously evolving field that combines the use of digital technology with artistic expression. There are several types of digital art, each of which utilizes specific tools and techniques to create unique artworks.


Here are some of the main types of digital art:


  • 2D Digital Art: This type of art focuses on creating two-dimensional works using digital graphics software. Artists can use tools like graphic tablets, digital pens, or drawing software to create illustrations, digital paintings, comics, or illustrations for books and magazines.


  • 3D Digital Art: Digital 3D art involves creating three-dimensional works using 3D modeling software. Artists can create characters, objects, or virtual environments, using techniques such as polygonal modeling, digital sculpting, texturing, and lighting to achieve realistic or stylized results.


  • Digital Photographic Art: Digital photographic art involves the manipulation and transformation of digital photographs to create works of art. Artists can use photo editing software to apply effects, modify colors, combine images, or add graphic elements to achieve creative and evocative results.


  • Generative Digital Art: This type of art involves using algorithms and computer programs to generate artwork automatically or interactively. Artists can create interactive installations, animations, audiovisual works, or computer-generated patterns, allowing the audience to participate or influence the artwork.


  • Multimedia Digital Art: Multimedia digital art combines various digital media, such as images, sounds, videos, and interactions, to create complex artistic works. Artists can use technologies like multimedia installation, virtual reality, or interactive art to engage the audience in a multisensory experience.


  • Animated Digital Art: Animated digital art involves creating digital animations using animation software or motion graphics techniques. Artists can create animated short films, music videos, animated GIFs, or motion graphics that combine visual and auditory elements to communicate an idea or narrative.


  • Digital Graphics: This type of art involves creating digital images using digital graphics software. Artists use tools like digital brushes, drawing tools, and image manipulation to create two-dimensional works such as illustrations, digital paintings, or graphics.


  • Interactive Art: Interactive art involves the viewer's interaction with the digital artwork. Artists create engaging experiences where the audience can influence the artwork through movement, sound, sensors, or user input, creating a participatory and personalized experience.


  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: These types of art involve the use of immersive technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to create artistic experiences in virtual environments or overlaid onto the real world. Artists can create virtual installations, interactive artworks, or immersive experiences using VR or AR devices.


  • Sound Art: Sound art involves the creation of sound compositions or audio experiences using digital tools such as synthesizers, samplers, music production software, or sound processing systems. Artists can create sound installations, audio performances, or multimedia works that combine sound and image.


These are just some examples of types of digital art, but the field is vast and constantly evolving thanks to the advancement of digital technologies and the creativity of artists who harness the expressive potential offered by digitization.


Given its rapid expansion, there are various ways to experience this movement. The results of these creations can be admired through graphic prints or on the screens of computers, smartphones, tablets, TVs, or notebooks.


Digital art encompasses distinct characteristics such as virtual reality, augmented reality, audiovisual art, generative art, and interactive art. Not to mention the emergence of net art, the presence of digital photography, and robotic art.

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ARSPEDIA, art, contemporary art, contemporary artists,

"The Evolution of Contemporary Art: Creative Trends Redefining Art"

04/06/2023 20:29

A break with tradition in contemporary art that has redefined the art scene

Biennial of contemporary art “Premio Marche 2023”
ARSPEDIA, ArsPedia Cultural Network, art, contemporary art, pittori, pittori contemporanei, pittura moderna, stili di pittuta, carlo iacomucci,

Biennial of contemporary art “Premio Marche 2023”

29/02/2024 13:04

Biennial of contemporary art “Premio Marche 2023”: among the artists also the maestro Carlo Iacomucci

Pittori Contemporanei: Esplorando l'Arte del Presente
ARSPEDIA, ArsPedia Cultural Network, contemporary art, pittori, pittori contemporanei, pittura moderna, stili di pittuta,

Pittori Contemporanei: Esplorando l'Arte del Presente

24/09/2023 05:48

L'arte contemporanea - Esplora l'arte contemporanea dei pittori moderni: stili unici, temi attuali e il futuro dell'arte.

Maria Grazia Focanti
PAINTING, F, Painters - F, ITALY, ARTISTI IN ARSPEDIA, PAINTERS, Marche, Ancona, Monsano, Pittori Italiani-F, Painter, Painter, ITALY, Italian painter, Ancona, Marche, Marchigiano, Monsano , Pittore Marchigiano, Pittrice Marchigiana, Pittrice Italiana, Maria Grazia Focanti, Marchigiana,

Maria Grazia Focanti

Maria Grazia Focanti

14/09/2023 00:30

Italian painter, Marche painter, Monsano, Marche, Ancona, Italy, Italian

Carlo Iacomucci
PAINTING, POETRY, SCULPTURE, I, Painter, Poet, Sculptor, Painters- I, Poets - I, Sculptors - I, ITALY, ARTISTI IN ARSPEDIA, PAINTERS, POETS, SCULPTORS, Marche, Ancona, Monsano, Pittori Italiani-I, Painter, Poet, ITALY, Italian poet, Italian painter, Incisore, Ancona, Marche, Marchigiano, Monsano , Incisore Marchigiano, Pittore Marchigiano, Poeta Marchigiano,

Carlo Iacomucci

Carlo Iacomucci

09/09/2023 04:30

Italian painter, Italian engraver, Italian poet, Marche painter, Marche engraver, Marche poet, Marche, Ancona, Monsano

Nora Schepis
POETRY, LITERATURE, N, S, Poet, Poetess, Writer, Scrittrice, Poets - N, Poets - S, Writers - N, Writers - S, ITALY, ARTISTI IN ARSPEDIA, Sicily, Agrigento, POETS, WRITERS, Poet, poetess, Writer, Writer, ITALY, Italian poet, Italian writer, Sicily, Agrigento, Sicilian writer, Agrigento writer, Agrigento poetess, Italian poetess,

Nora Schepis

Nora Schepis

13/01/2022 01:52

Writer-Poet-Italy-Sicily-Agrigento-Sicilian Writer-Sicilian Poet-Sicilian-Agrigentan-Italian Poet-Agrigentan

PAINTING, LITERATURE, COMIC, DIGITAL ART, F, M, Painter, Pittrice, Comic artist, Painters - F, Painters - M, Comic artists - F, Comic artists - M, ITALY, Digital Artists - F, Digital Artists - M, Readers, Readers - F, Readers - M, ARTISTI IN ARSPEDIA, Lazio, Rome, PAINTERS, WRITERS, COMIC ARTISTS, DIGITAL ARTISTS, Pittori Italiani-M, Painter, Painter, Reader, Cartoonist and/or Illustrator, Digital Artist, ITALY, Italian, Italian, Lazio, Lazio, Rome, Roman painter, Lazio painter,



23/04/2021 05:23

Painter-Reader-Comic artist-Digital artist-Roman-Lazio-Rome-Roman painter-Roman comic artist-Digital artist-Painter-Lazio-Italian-Italy.

Luciano Postogna
POETRY, LITERATURE, P, Poet, Poets - P, ITALY, Readers, Readers - P, ARTISTI IN ARSPEDIA, Friuli - Venezia Giulia, Trieste, POETS, READERS, Poet, Reader, ITALY, Italian, Italian poet, Friulian poet, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Trieste poet, Reader from Trieste, Trieste,

Luciano Postogna

Luciano Postogna

14/02/2021 23:36

Poet-Reader-Italian- Italian poet-Triestine poet-Friuli Venezia Giulia-Trieste-Triestine reader-Italian reader - Friulian-Julian-Italy.

Giuseppe Mastria
PAINTING, POETRY, SCULPTURE, M, Painter, Poet, Sculptor, Painters - M, Poets - M, Sculptors - M, ITALY, ARTISTI IN ARSPEDIA, Calabria, Catanzaro, PAINTERS, POETS, SCULPTORS, Pittori Italiani-M, Painter, Poet, Sculptor, ITALY, Italian, Italian poet, Calabrian, Italian painter, Italian sculptor, Catanzaro, Catanzaro,

Giuseppe Mastria

Giuseppe Mastria

08/02/2021 02:31

Painter-Poet-Sculptor -Italian painter-Calabrian poet-Catanzaro sculptor-Catanzaro-Catanzaro poet - Catanzaro sculptor-Catanzaro painter-Italy.

Ombretta Del Monte
PAINTING, POETRY, LITERATURE, D, Painter, Pittrice, Poet, Poetess, Writer, Scrittrice, Painters - D, Poets - D, Writers - D, ITALY, ARTISTI IN ARSPEDIA, Lazio, Rome, Civitavecchia, PAINTERS, POETS, WRITERS, Pittori Italiani-D, Painter, Painter, Poet, poetess, Writer, Writer, ITALY, Italian, Italian, Italian poet, Italian writer, Lazio, Lazio, Civitavecchia, Civitavecchia poet, Civitavecchia painter, Civitavecchia poetess, Rome, Lazio writer, Civitavecchia writer,

Ombretta Del Monte

Ombretta Del Monte

06/02/2021 05:13

Painter-Poetess –Writer-Civitavecchia painter-Writer-Lazio painter-Poet –Rome-Civitavecchia-Lazio painter-Italian-Italy

Mario Bova
PAINTING, COMIC, B, Painter, Comic artist, Painters - B, Comic artists - B, ITALY, ARTISTI IN ARSPEDIA, Lazio, Rome, Vicovaro, PAINTERS, COMIC ARTISTS, Pittori Italiani-B, Painter, Cartoonist and/or Designer, ITALY, Italian, Lazio, Lazio, Vicovaro, Vicovarese,

Mario Bova

Mario Bova

03/02/2021 15:18

Italian painter, Italian illustrator, Lazio painter, Lazio illustrator, Vicovaro painter, Vicovaro illustrator, Vicovaro, Rome, Lazio, Italy.

Gabriele D'annunzio
POETRY, LITERATURE, D, Poets - D, Writers - D, ITALY, Abruzzo, Pescara, ARTISTI IN ARSPEDIA, Poet, Writer, ITALY, Italian, Abruzzo, Pescara, Italian poet, Italian writer, Abruzzese poet, Abruzzo writer, Pescara poet, Pescara writer,

Gabriele D'annunzio

Gabriele D'annunzio

12/10/2020 00:48

Italian writer, Abruzzese writer, Pescara writer, Italian poet, Abruzzese poet, Pescara poet, Abruzzo, Pescara, Italy

Come le reti digitali stanno trasformando arte e architettura

Come le reti digitali stanno trasformando arte e architettura

29/08/2020 02:43

L'arte come la conosciamo sta cambiando drasticamente, ma le risposte popolari e critiche sono in ritardo. In questo saggio illustrato tagliente, Davi